NuCulinary offers cooking instruction, corporate teambuilding and wellness events, private parties, chef demos, and more.






Looking for expert guidance on making authentic Asian cuisine? Yes
If you’ve ever dreamed of rolling your own sushi or making a perfect pad Thai or curry, our private classes teach you all the ins and outs of Asian cooking.  

Searching for a fresh and fun idea to make your next corporate event memorable?
People bond over good food. An interactive cooking class is a delectable way to foster teamwork among your staff.

Need a deliciously entertaining idea for your upcoming celebration?
Spice up your next birthday, anniversary, or party! NuCulinary can create innovative and fun menus just for you.

Want to make really delicious sushi at home?
Learn to make all your favorite rolls, nigiri, and sashimi with instructional DVDs and kits featuring Naomi Kakiuchi and her family’s traditional recipes. 

Integrating cuisine, culture, and community!

Our mission is to:

  • Illuminate the benefits of food for wellness and pleasure.
  • Illustrate nourishing and delicious ways to prepare, enjoy, and serve food.
  • Integrate food into daily life in a way that sustains culture and ritual.

Offering an authentic and fresh experience in the kitchen

We teach a variety of Asian cuisines including: Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Philippine, Vietnamese, Thai, Malaysian, Indian, Asian and Pan-Asian Northwest. As well as Asian specialties such as Sushi, Dim Sum, Curries, Stir-frying, Noodles, Grilling, Soups, and Knife Skills. For all our classes, we develop and rigorously test menus that feature important cooking techniques and highlight the key flavors of a cuisine.

We fuse traditional sensibilities with modern approaches to cooking. Through industry research and collaborating with exceptional chefs, we follow the latest cooking trends and techniques featured in restaurants around the world. Our seasonal menus include traditional meals for holidays and special occasions. In addition, we provide a historical context for the use of certain ingredients and cooking methods, peppered with cultural stories and tips handed down through the generations.

Healthy Flavors Got dietary restrictions?
Not to worry! We specialize in showing you how to make low-fat, heart healthy version of
many traditional recipes.


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